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L'amour non partage : Unrequited Love
L’amour non partagé - Unrequited Love (A poem I wrote en Français and English)
Mon problème est simple,
Je suis fou d’amour avec toi,
Tu ne m’aimes pas.
Je t’adore,
Je te veux,
J’ai besoin de toi.
Tu es l’amour de ma vie,
Je veux être avec toi pour toujours.
Je sais que je ne devrais pas gâcher ma vie en attendant pour que tu m’aimes,
Je sais que la vie continue sans toi,
Je peux à peine vivre sans toi,
Je sais que tu ne vas jamais m’aimer,
Je sais que tu ne peux jamais m’aimer,
J’ai besoin de tu essayes de m’aimer.
Toi je t’aime,
Je ne vais jamais arrêter de t’aimer.
My problem is simple,
I am madly in love with you,
You do not love me.
I adore you,
I want you,
I need you.
You are the love of my life,
I want to be with you forever.
I know that I shouldn’t be wasting my life waiting for you to love me,
I kno
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Nous sommes tous les yeux de l'univers by salvadorsam Nous sommes tous les yeux de l'univers :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 0 0 Paris, Tu me manques deja by salvadorsam Paris, Tu me manques deja :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 0 0 Untitled by salvadorsam Untitled :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 1 0 Je veux parler francais - I want to speak french by salvadorsam Je veux parler francais - I want to speak french :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 0 0
There are 100 milliseconds in a second. 60 seconds in a minute. 60 minutes in an hour. 24 hours in a day. 7 days in a week. 4 weeks in a month. 12 months in a year. 10 years in a decade. 10 decades in a century. 10 centuries in a millennium. Approximately, 67.2 years in a human lifespan. Which is amazingly small compared to the billions of years the rest of the universe has been around.
What if, we weren't just living out tiny lives that only last, roughly, 67.2 years. What if, we were living a life that's billions and billions years long?
Earth, a beautiful globe sitting out in the darkness of space. With an axis to revolve on. A moon that orbits around it. A sun to orbit. A solar system to be held together in. A galaxy to revolve that's revolving. A universe to aimlessly drift in.
On the ground, seven billion people, plus plants and animals live on it. It is a never-ending, never resting place of chaos. Or is it?
One day it stopped. The Earth with all it's living things stopped. The
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3,681,542 lives
They say that what I’ve created is perhaps the greatest technological advancement ever created.
But thats not how i see it, I see it as the worlds greatest work of art.
I’ve created a box of circuits and wires just like any other computer.
Except in this box of circuits and wires lives 3,681,542 lives.
3,681,542 people going around living a life as normal as you or me.
3,681,542 people living in a lush green world with all the plants and animals that are in ours.
3,681,542 people that are fighting over such trivial things as you or me.
3,681,542 people that are filled with greed and hatred just as you or me.
3,681,542 people that are filled with love and compassion just as you or me.
3,681,542 people that are eventually going to die just as you and me.
3,681,542 people that look up into the sky wondering what created them, and if they are just yelling in to a lonely darkness.
They are my story and I am their author.
They are my painting and I am their painter.
They are my d
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The Missing Sun
The Missing Sun
The planet’s name was Adorak, it was one of the four planets humans had found to have contained intelligent life, the Adorakian race at the time of their collapse was technologically comparable to late 1600’s Earth. The fact that the planet was roughly the same size of Earth, was really the only similarities because the planet was found to be a frozen, pitch-black, dead wasteland, this was because sometime 4,000 years ago (give or take) the sun the planet use to orbit vanished. The reason for this was unknown, some of the researchers from Earth hypothesized that a large meteorite knocked the planet out of its orbit, unfortunately for them that theory was unlikely as there were no craters large enough to support their theory, nor were there any stars anywhere even remotely near by. Whatever the reason was, a team 1,671 humans were sent to the planet to research the people who lived on it, the other life that lived on it, and why it’s sun vanished. The r
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Point by salvadorsam Point :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 7 0 Metal n' Wood by salvadorsam Metal n' Wood :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 7 0 Red by salvadorsam Red :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 4 0 Orange by salvadorsam Orange :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 3 0 Tin Roof by salvadorsam Tin Roof :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 2 0 Moss On A Tin Roof by salvadorsam Moss On A Tin Roof :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 4 0 Clover by salvadorsam Clover :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 15 8 Green Leaf by salvadorsam Green Leaf :iconsalvadorsam:salvadorsam 3 0


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